Choosing Workflow Steps

PPM comes with predefined templates for commonly used workflow steps. These are available through the Workflow Step Sources window in the Workflow Workbench.

A workflow step source defines the behavior of a step (conditions for exiting the step, commands to execute for the step, timeout duration, which icon to display, and so on) as well as the list of possible result values or outcomes for the step.

Note: For detailed information about workflow step sources, see Configuring Workflow Components.

You can use the Filter by fields in the Workflow Step Sources window to filter the workflow steps listed. The following folders, which contain workflow steps classified by type, are available in the Workflow Step Source window:

  • Decisions

  • Conditions

  • Executions

  • Subworkflows

To add a step to your workflow, determine which of the folders it corresponds to. Expand the folder, and then drag the workflow step that best suits your needs to the Layout tab.

If you do not find an available workflow step source that meets the requirements of the workflow you are configuring, you can define a new workflow step source. For instructions on how to define a workflow step source, see Creating Decision Workflow Step Sources.