Subworkflow Workflow Steps

A subworkflow is a process unit that contains a series of steps that perform a functional subcomponent of a workflow. Subworkflows allow you to model complex business processes in logical, manageable, and reusable subprocesses. Within its parent workflow, each subworkflow is represented as a single workflow step.

After the workflow process reaches the subworkflow step, it follows the path defined in that subworkflow. Subworkflows can either end the workflow or return to the parent workflow.

The following restrictions apply to subworkflows:

  • You cannot use a subworkflow to process a request or a package as a stand-alone business process.

  • A subworkflow can reference other subworkflows, but not itself.

  • A subworkflow can be referenced only by workflows or subworkflows of the same workflow scope.

  • Permissions specified on the Security tab of the calling subworkflow step determine who can bypass the steps with the subworkflow.