Adding Steps to a Workflow

You assemble workflow steps into workflows on the Layout tab of the Workflow window.

To add a step to a new workflow:

  1. In the Workflow window for your new workflow, click the Layout tab.

    To the right of the Workflow window, the Workflow Step Sources window contains a library of steps, classified by type, that you can use to build your workflows. The window also includes Filter by lists, which you can use to selectively display a subset of available steps.

  2. From the first Filter by list, select Requests.

  3. You can use the second Filter by list to select an additional filter condition to further refine the steps available for this workflow.

  4. To view the available steps, expand the folders in the Workflow Step Sources window.

    Note: For more information about how to select the steps for your workflows, see Choosing Workflow Steps

  5. Determine which step to add as the first step, and then drag and drop it on the Layout tab.

    After you add a step to the Layout tab, the Workflow Step window opens. Use this window to configure the following:

  6. After you finish configuring all of the steps in the workflow, click OK.