Creating Workflow Step Sources

You can create decision and execution workflow step sources from the Workflow Step Sources window. You cannot add to, delete, or modify condition steps.

Note: Subworkflow workflow steps are created by configuring a standard workflow as a subworkflow (see Creating Subworkflow Workflow Step Sources ). You cannot add to, delete, or modify condition steps.

To create a workflow step source:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Configuration > Workflows.

  2. From the Workflow Workbench, open a workflow.

    The Workflow window opens.

  3. Select the Workflow Step Sources window.

  4. In the first Filter by field, select Requests, Packages, or Release Distributions, depending on the type of workflow.

  5. In the second Filter by field, select Only items I can edit.

  6. Under Workflow Step Sources, select Decisions or Executions.

  7. Click New.

    A window that corresponds to the selected workflow step source type opens.

  8. Provide the required information and any optional information to define the workflow step.

    For information about how to configure a specific workflow step source, see Creating Decision Workflow Step Sources or Creating Execution Workflow Step Sources.

  9. Configure the ownership of the workflow step source.

    For information about configuring the ownership of a workflow step source, see Configuring Ownership of Workflow Step Sources.

  10. For Enabled, select Yes.

  11. Click OK.

    The new workflow step source is now included in the Workflow Step Sources window. You can use it in any new or existing workflow with the corresponding workflow scope.