Selecting Workflow Steps to Be Used in Mobile

Available in versions: 9.55 and later

If you enable a workflow to be used in mobile, you can further configure which workflow steps will be used in PPM mobile web client. For requests using the workflow, only the action buttons related to the selected workflow steps are available for mobile users to act on.

Note: This task is only applicable if your users use PPM mobile web client.

  1. Open the workflow, and go to the Steps Used in Mobile tab.

    This tab is enabled only when the option Use in Mobile in the Workflow tab is enabled. For details, see Configuring General Information for a Workflow .

  2. From the Available Step column, select the workflow steps to be used in mobile, and move them to the Selected Steps column.

    Not all steps of the workflow are listed in the Available Step column. Only "Decision" workflow steps are listed.

    To facilitate approving requests in mobile, we recommend that you do not select the workflow steps that require providing additional information to proceed and it is not convenient to enter all the information using your smart phone. For example, we recommend you do not select the workflow steps that require more information in a table component field.

  3. Click OK.