Configuring server.conf Parameters in PPM

Note: For more information about the steps in this procedure, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

Add (if not present) and specify the parameters related to Universal CMDB integration to the PPM server.conf configuration file, as follows:

  1. Stop the PPM Server.

  2. Restart the PPM Server.

Encrypting the Password Specified as a server.conf Parameter

The password that you assigned to the UCMDB_PASSWORD parameter must be encrypted, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the <PPM_Home>/bin/ucmdb directory.

  2. Run the utility.

  3. Specify the password you want to encrypt.

    The utility encrypts the password and displays the encrypted text.

  4. Copy the text in the Encrypted text section on the screen and paste the text as the value for UCMDB_PASSWORD in the server.conf file, making sure that you do not copy any carriage returns into the file.