Configuring PPM for the Integration

Before beginning to configure the integration as described in this section, make sure that ALM has been installed and initially configured as described in Installing and Setting Up ALM Content Bundle.

Establishing Server Connections for Supported Versions

Make sure that the HTTP port is open between the PPM Server and the Release Control machines.

Verify that a supported version of Release Control is installed and running (see the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix).

Configuring the server.conf Parameter in PPM

Note: For more information about the steps in this procedure, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

To be able to open Release Control from PPM as part of the integration, add and specify the parameter related to Release Control integration to the PPMserver.conf configuration file, as follows:

  1. Stop the PPM Server.

  2. Run the following script:

    sh ./ 

    Set the parameter and value as shown in the following table. (All parameter names begin with com.kintana.core.server. but that is not shown in the table.)




    URL of the Release Control server:


    where <RC_Host> represents the host machine on which Release Control is running

  3. Verify that the ENABLE_WEB_SERVICES parameter in the server.conf file is set to true.

  4. Restart the PPM Server.