Enabling Tooltip for Auto-Complete Fields

PPM 9.64 and later versions implement field tooltip, enabling quick navigation between PPM entities. The tooltip is only available to an auto-complete field.

Step 1: Configure Returned Entity in field validation

To enable tooltip for auto-complete fields, you must set the Returned Entity in the validation.

  1. Open a new or existing validation, see Configure validations.

  2. In the Component Type field, select Auto Complete List.

  3. In the Returned Entity, specify the entity type of the returned value.

  4. Make sure that the first column in the Configuration tab > Column Headers section contains the ID values of the returned entity.

    For example, if this validation returns Requests, the first column should only contain valid Request IDs.

After you specify the Returned Entity type, the tooltip is enabled for the fields that use this validation.

Example: Suppose there is a project that has an Associated Programs field that lists programs this project is associated with and a Manager field that specifies the manager of the project.

In the Associated Programs field validation, you set Returned Entity to Programs and the first column to Program ID. In the Manager field validation, you set Returned Entity to User and the first column to User ID.

When hovering over these two fields, tooltips will pop up to display information of all the programs and managers listed in these two fields. You can navigate to the program or manager details page and chat with or send an email to the project manager directly from the tooltip.

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Step 2: Turn on Enable Field Tooltip feature toggle

For the tooltip to pop up, you must turn on the feature toggle Enable Field Tooltip. For details, see Use feature toggles to turn on/off features.

When viewing such fields on PPM pages, such as request and project details pages, you can quickly navigate to the entities that attract your interest. In addition, you can chat with or send an email to the listed users if it is a user type field.

  • The links are only included for users who have the required access grants to view the entities.

  • The chat and send email options are only available for the user who has set email in PPM.

  • When the feature toggle Use MS Teams for Chat in Tooltips is turned on, PPM uses Microsoft Teams for chat. As a result, you can chat with multiple users and the current page URL is included as the default message.

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