Creating the Report Type in PPM Workbench

You can directly import the report type from Samples/1 – Your First Report/ or follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1. In order to import the report type, copy the zip file in <PPM_HOME> then go to <PPM_HOME>/bin and run the following command. You need to make sure to replace the username and password values:

    sh ./ -username <username> -password <password> -action import -filename -i18n none -refdata nochange -flags NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  2. To create the report type step-by-step, open the PPM Workbench, go to Configuration / Report Types and click the New Report Type button.
  3. Enter the following values for the fields. You can make changes as needed:

    • Report Type Name: Resources Details (Excel)
    • Description: "Resources Details" Excel report
    • Enabled: Yes
    • Report Category: Resource Management
  4. In the Fields tab, create one field of type Text Field – 400 with Token of TITLE and Prompt of Report Title. Keep the Layout, Security, and Ownership tabs untouched.

  5. Open the Commands tab, and click the New Cmd button. Enter the following information (feel free to change everything but the steps):

    Command: Run "Resources Details" Excel report

    Timeout (s): 3000

    Enabled: Yes


    ksc_run_excel_report reports/rm/ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx

    These command steps are very important to properly run the Excel report. They indicate what excel template should be used to render the report.

    The second line is also mandatory and is used to pass the report ID to the Excel report engine. It should never be omitted nor modified.

    It is possible to add any number of arbitrary parameters between the first and the last line. All these parameters values will be passed to the excel template when the report is generated. For example, to pass a parameter TIME_PERIOD with value weeks, you can use the following command steps:

    ksc_run_excel_report reports/rm/ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx