Copying the Excel Template to PPM Server

Even though you have not made the changes to retrieve the list of resources from PPM, you can already use this Excel template to create thr first PPM Excel report. All you have to do is to copy the template to the PPM Excel templates folder and run the report from PPM Create report menu.

The folder structure where the report is stored and the template XLSX file name must match whatever path was used in the command steps of the Report Type. In this example, the following path is used: reports/rm/ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx.

Rename the template file to ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx and store in the templates folder in subfolders reports and rm.

You can find information on where to store the templates in Where to Store the Excel Template Files.

There is no need to restart the PPM Server after updating an Excel template for changes to take effect. Templates are read from disk whenever a report is generated. As a result, the templates files might be locked if a report is being created at the time of replacement. Wait until the report either completes or fails to replace the template file.