Debug Mode: How to View What Data is Passed to Your Excel Template

When running an Excel report, the Debug mode replaces the report output by a list of all the data available in the Excel template. This includes:

  • All fields submitted when creating the report (with token name, code value, and visible value – also called meaning, with the token prefix V)
  • Information on the user that is submitted the report and time of submission that is automatically passed to every report
  • All built-in objects available in the template to run SQL queries and get data from Dashboard Datasources
  • Every data added by a Java Preprocessor.

You can find the result of the first example report run in Debug mode in Samples\3 - Debug mode\1 - Report run in Debug mode.xlsx.

To run a report in debug mode, in the report type, add the line DEBUG=true anywhere between the first and the last command step. As long as this parameter is present and set to true, the report will be run in Debug mode.