Creating the Report Type

To create the report type, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the report type created in Creating the Report Type in PPM Workbench.

    1. In the Workbench, select the report type and click Copy.
    2. Name it Java PreProcessor Excel Report.
  2. Change the prompt of report field from Report Title: to Search for:, change the attribute Required to Always, and change the Token from TITLE to SEARCH_STRING.
  3. In the command steps, change the excel template path from reports/rm/ResourcesDetailsTemplate.xlsx to reports/preprocessor/SamplePreprocessorTemplate.xlsx.
  4. In order to use a Java preprocessor, add the following line:


    between the first and the last line of the command steps.

    Because the class will be named com.hp.ppm.excelreports.SamplePreProcessorClass, the command steps should look like the following:

    ksc_run_excel_report reports/preprocessor/SamplePreprocessorTemplate.xlsx
    DATA_PREPROCESSOR_CLASS= com.hp.ppm.excelreports.SamplePreProcessorClass
  5. Save the report type after making the changes.