Creating the Java Preprocessor Class

There is only one constraint when creating the Java preprocessor class — It must extend the abstract class, which is included in the file knta_classes.jar, located in <SERVER_HOME>\deploy\itg.war\WEB-INF\lib.

All the jar files available in this folder are on the classpath when PPM is running, so you can use them as third party libraries when working on your preprocessor class.

You can find the source code of a sample preprocessor class in Samples\4 - Using a Java pre-processor\1 - Sample Preprocessor source code\com\hp\ppm\excelreports\

This code is provided for educational purposes only. It is extensively commented and demonstrates the features available from the preprocessor. You are encouraged to modify it and add your custom behavior.

Note: If your PPM Server cannot access the Internet without the use of an HTTP proxy, you need to set up the proxy information in the code and recompile it. Otherwise, you can directly use the compiled class included in Samples\4 - Using a Java pre-processor\excel-reports-sample-preprocessor.jar.