External Web Server, Single Machine

To set up a cluster with an external Web server on a single machine:

  1. Stop the PPM Server. (See Starting and Stopping the PPM Server on a Single-Server System).

  2. Stop the external Web server.

  3. Modify the workers.properties file to include relevant information about the nodes in the cluster. (See Configuring the Workers Properties File.)

  4. Open the server.conf file in a text editor and add an @node directive for each node.

  5. Before the first @node directive, add the cluster-specific parameters listed in Server parameters required for server clustering.

  6. After each @node directive, do the following:

    1. Set values for the parameters listed in Table 1. Server configuration parameters affected by clustering (External Web Server, Single Machine column). The values should be the same for all nodes in the cluster.

    2. Add and specify unique values for the parameters described in Table 3. Required node-specific parameter for multiple nodes on a single host.

      For your convenience, the table in Sample Port Sets lists port set values that you can use for up to five separate nodes in a cluster. (These are simply here only for your convenience. You can use any available port numbers you want.)

  7. To apply the changes to all the servers in the cluster, from <PPM_Home>/bin, run kUpdateHtml.sh.

  8. If the PPM Server is running in a Windows environment, start it using the Windows service called "PPM Server_name," where <Server_Name> is the value of the KINTANA_SERVER_NAME parameter for the node in the cluster.

  9. To validate the cluster, use the procedure provided in Verifying Successful Cluster Configuration.