Viewing and Modifying Server Configuration Parameters from the Administration Console

The Administration Console lists two types of server configuration parameters: static and non-static. After you change the value of a static parameter, you must restart the PPM Server(s) to implement the change. If you change the value of a non-static parameter, there is no need to restart your PPM Server(s).

The Administration Console displays read-only parameters in gray text. Read-only parameters are either sensitive parameters such as passwords or parameters that you cannot change without compromising the PPM system.

If you start Administration Console using HTTPS, then sensitive parameters that were formerly displayed in grey text become editable and are displayed normally. If, for some reason, you must modify values for other read-only parameters, you must either run the script, or edit the server.conf file directly.

Note: The Administration Console displays only the parameters that are defined in the KNTA_SERVER_PARAM_DEF_NLS table. If a parameter is not listed in the Administration Console, then it is probably missing from the KNTA_SERVER_PARAM_DEF_NLS table.

Although you can modify server configuration parameter values directly in the server.conf file or using the configuration tool ( script), we recommend that you modify the values from the Administration Console. (See Modifying Parameters from the Administration Console.)

Note: You cannot use the Administration Console to either add parameters to or remove parameters from the server.conf file.

For information about how to run the script, see Standard Configuration. For information about how to change parameter values in the server.conf file, see PPM Configuration Parameters.