Viewing Parameters from the Administration Console

  1. Open the Administration Console. (See Opening the Administration Console.)

  2. In the left panel of the Administration Console window, expand the Administration Task section, and then click Application Configuration.

    The Edit PPM Application Parameters table in the right panel lists all the server configuration parameters, along with their descriptions and current values for the selected scope. (The Scope value defaults to Cluster or, if the instance consist of just one node, the name of the single PPM Server.)

  3. To specify the scope of the parameters listed, do one of the following:

    • To view the parameters that are common to all of the nodes in the cluster, from the Scope list, select Cluster.

    • To view parameters for a specific node, from the Scope list, select the node name.

      Note: If you select the name of the primary node from the Scope list, no parameters are listed in the Edit PPM Application Parameters table. Instead, parameters and values for the primary node are listed after you select Cluster from the Scope list.

  4. To view the setting for a specific parameter, in the box above the Parameter Name heading, type the first few letters of the parameter name to jump to the parameter names that match in the list.