Running SQL Queries from the Administration Console

You can run database queries directly against the PPM database schema from the Administration Console.

Note: For information about how to run SQL queries from the PPM Workbench, see Running SQL Statements from the PPM Workbench.

Running SQL statements from the Administration Console is essentially the same as running them from the PPM Workbench. However, from the Administration Console you can run a statement that ends with a semicolon (;).

To run a SQL statement (select statement only) from the Administration Console:

  1. In the Administration Console Actions panel, select Administration Task > SQL Runner.

  2. In the SQL Statement box, type the select statement to run against the PPM database.

  3. Click Run SQL.

    The Results table displays the query results in numbered rows.

  4. To test the connection speed between the PPM Server and the PPM database, click the Ping DB button.

    Note: Because the Administration Console uses a Web Interface, it ignores the connection time between the web client and the PPM Server.