Reporting Your Time

As a Time Management user, once you are assigned a work item, you use time sheet to specify which work items you worked on during a given time period, how much time you spent on each one, which types of activities (if configured) you performed, and which charge codes (if configured) to use for each item.

This section focuses on how to create, complete, submit, and maintain your time sheets.

What you can do How to
Create your time sheet

Creating a Time Sheet

Search for a time sheet Searching Time Sheets
Add your work items to your time sheet

Managing Work Items in a Time Sheet

Log time in your time sheet Logging Time in Your Time Sheet
Transfer time sheet external data to PPM work items Transferring External Data to PPM Work Items
Merge time sheet external data into PPM work items Merging External Data into Non-external Data Line
Enter or view other actual data in your time sheet Entering or Viewing Other Actual Data in Time Sheets
Enter time sheet line user data

If your Time Management administrator has configured custom user data fields for you to enter on time sheet lines, you enter the user data in the time sheet line details window.

  1. Select the time sheet line, and click Line Details.
  2. In the User Data tab of the Line Details window, edit the user data fields, and click Save.

These user data fields are consolidated for the entire time sheet on the Additional Information tab of the time sheet. They are read-only in this tab.

Add charge codes for time sheet lines

In some organizations, actual time is used as information for charge-backs to an internal customer, external customer, or requestor. Time Management does not explicitly perform this charge-back or billing function. However, Time Management can specify charge codes, so that links can be created between work items and charge accounts to allow the time information to be extracted for a billing system.

You can add charge codes for your work items when the time sheet policy has added charge codes. To add charge codes for a work item:

  1. Select the time sheet line, and click Line Details.
  2. In the Charge Codes tab of the Line Details window, click Add Charge Codes.
  3. Select the charge codes and click Save.

Note: This option is not available if the Hide Charge Codes from Time Sheet feature toggle is turned on.

Add notes for time sheet lines
  1. Select the time sheet line, and click Line Details.
  2. In the Notes tab of the Line Details window, enter notes for the time sheet line and click Save.

The presence of icon () in the front of a work item indicates the work item has notes entered. Hovering your mouse over the icon displays the notes.

View approvals/transactions details

View approvals/transactions details of a time sheet line

  1. Select the time sheet line, and click Line Details.
  2. In the Approvals/Transactions Details tab of the Line Details window, enter notes for the time sheet line.

    • The Work Item Line Approver field displays the people or group who can approve this work item.
    • The list of Time Sheet Line Approvers and Relationship shows all the approvers who can approve this work item, including delegates and group members.
    • The Time Sheet Line Transaction History section of this tab displays the transaction history for this time sheet line.

View approvals/transactions details of a time sheet

The approvals and transactions details for all time sheet lines in a time sheet are accumulated in the Time Sheet Details - Approval Details/Transaction History window, which is accessible by clicking the Approvals/Transaction Details link in the time sheet.

Submit your time sheet

You submit your time sheet when you have completed your time sheet entries for an entire time period and you want to save and submit the time sheet for approval of its lines.

To submit your time sheet, open it and click Save & Submit.

Submitting the time sheet submits all of its unsubmitted lines. Time sheet lines cannot be submitted individually.

The status of each time sheet line is set to Submitted and the status of the time sheet is set to Pending Approval.

Note: Depending on the system configuration, if the time sheet has lines with no time entered ("empty" lines), you might be asked or required to delete those lines or provide data for them before the time sheet is submitted.

Rework your time sheet Reworking Lines on or Adding Lines to a Submitted Time Sheet
Cancel your time sheet

Time sheets cannot be deleted altogether, but you can cancel Unsubmitted time sheets in case you need to start them over. Cancelling a time sheet removes all the time logged against its work items. After you cancel a time sheet, you can create a new time sheet for the same time period even if your time sheet policy prohibits multiple time sheets for the same time period.

To cancel your time sheet, click More > Cancel Time Sheet in the upper-right corner of the time sheet.

Copy your time sheet Copying a Time Sheet
Print your time sheet

To print your time sheet, click More > Printable Version in the upper-right corner of the time sheet.

Note: If the period type is set to Monthly, two Time Details sections appear in the printable time sheet, one for the first 15 days of the month and one for the remainder of the month.

View time sheet audit trail

Time sheet audit trail keeps track of when and who did what to the time sheet.

To view the time sheet audit trail, click More > View Audit Trail in the upper-right corner of the time sheet.