Before You Start

Before you start using the Data Migrator, be aware of the following:

  • You must install the Data Migrator add-in and other components required for its use. See the APM for PPM Release Notes for the latest software requirements. For the installation instructions, see Installing the Data Migrator.

  • You should make note of the full URL for the PPM Server on which you will use the Data Migrator to create new entities and to update and download entity and validation data. The URL must start with http:// or https://. You will need this information when you configure the connection to the PPM Server. (For instructions, see Configuring the Connection to a PPM Server.)

  • If you will be creating or updating entities or updating validation values, you must prepare the spreadsheets that contain the data you want to import. You can add data to an entity-specific or validation-specific spreadsheet template that you download from the Data Migrator or use an existing spreadsheet. See Creating an Import Spreadsheet.

  • If you will be creating new entities, make sure all of the data used by the entities has been first created in Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM). For example, all users listed as contacts in application entities must be created before the application entities can be created.