Saving Displayed Applications in an Application Set

Note the following behavior in dynamic graphing when you save the displayed applications as an application set:

  • All applications displayed are considered part of an application set. If you open an application set and view its direct application dependencies, all applications displayed in the graph are considered part of the application set. If you then save your application set, all applications, including the direct dependent applications, are saved to the application set.

    For example, in Figure 5-4. Hierarchical view of an application set with direct dependencies, applications that are both blue (original applications in the application set) and teal green (applications that have a direct dependency on the original applications in the application set) are considered part of the application set and, when saved, are saved as part of the application set. When this saved application set is reopened, all applications are represented by rounded blue rectangles.

  • Using the Save As Application Set option to save an application set as an existing application set does not replace the existing application set. Instead, an application set with the same name is created, but this newly created application set is not active.

    For example, if you have two existing application sets (AppSet1 and AppSet2), open AppSet1 in dynamic graphing, select Save As Application Set, type in AppSet2 as the Name, and click Submit. A Progress dialog opens and does not close unless you click Cancel.

    When you view a list of your applications sets, you have two application sets named AppSet2. The status of the original application set is Active. The status of the newly created application set is Change Pending. You cannot activate the newly created application set unless its name is changed to a unique name (the name is case-sensitive).

To save the applications displayed in dynamic graphing in an application set:

  1. Click the Save icon ().

  2. Select Save As Application Set.

  3. Type a name and optional description and click OK.