Mobility Access Best Practices

We recommend the following best practices in for Mobility Access use:

  • Use Mobility Access Service for only a small subset of important workflow decision steps (for example, steps that require executive approval by email only). For typical day-to-day workflow actions, use the PPM standard interface.

  • Overall performance of the Mobility Access Service depends on the performance of the email server and the network bandwidth between the email server and the PPM Server. For best performance, place the PPM Server and email server on the same local area network (LAN). The Mobility Access service can process about 1,000 emails per hour in a medium-scale deployment that is set up according to Micro Focus recommendations based on test conditions.

  • Before you deploy Mobility Access in a production environment, deploy it in a staging environment so that you can assess system setup and configuration.

  • Install Multilingual User Interface (MLU) in PPM Center if you plan to use Mobility Access service in non-English-speaking regions. As a result, MLU can format regional sensitive data such as date, currency, and number.