Mobility Access Limitations

The Mobility Access add-on is subject to the following limitations:

  • Mobility Access does not support delegation of approvals. If a user delegates the approval of a step to a different user and forwards the notification received from the system to the delegate, the delegated user cannot act on the workflow step on behalf of the original recipient.

  • Mobility Access Service notifications are available only for workflow decision steps with lookup validations of both the Demand Management and Deployment Management modules. Mobility Access can also be used with project request workflows.

  • Email addresses sharing between PPM users is not supported. Users selected to receive email approval notifications must not share their PPM email address with another PPM user.

Mobility Access in a Multilingual User Interface Context

If you plan to use Mobility Access in a PPM system that supports multiple languages, consider the following:

  • To use Mobility Access with languages other than English, you must provide translated content. For information about the translation tools that PPM provides and instructions on how to use them, see the Multilingual User Interface Guide.

  • The notification locale must match the Windows regional settings on the recipient's system. If the notification locale is different than the user's locale, the notification message display is corrupted, and the recipient cannot respond to the notification.

    You can configure the user's locale using the regional and language options settings on Control Panel. For example, for a Windows Server 2003-based computer, on Control Panel, select Regional and Language Options. In the Regional and Language Options window, click the Advanced tab, and then, in the Language for non-Unicode programs section, select a language from the list.