Enabling and Scheduling the Mobility Access Service

To enable and schedule the Mobility Access service:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. On the Open menu, click Administration > Schedule Services.

    The Schedule Services page lists all of the available services, and shows the typical load each service manages, whether the service is enabled, the type of expression used to schedule the service, and the current run schedule.

  3. Click the table row that displays the Mobility Access Service.

  4. From the Status list, select Enabled.

  5. To select the type of expression to use to schedule the service, from the Schedule Type list, select either Simple or Cron. (The default is Simple, and is set to 30 seconds.)

    Caution: If you use a cron expression to schedule a service, keep in mind that cron expressions take into account the TIME_ZONE parameter setting for the PPM Server on which the service runs. In a server cluster environment, servers can be running on machines located in different time zones.

  6. In the Schedule column, do one of the following:

    • To schedule the service using a simple expression, type a number in the first field and, from the list on the right, select the time unit (seconds, minutes, or hours.)

    • To schedule the service using a cron expression, type the expression in the text field. For detailed help on how to compose a cron expression, under the Schedule Type column heading, select the Help icon ().

      Note: If you use a cron expression to schedule the service, keep in mind that the value you type in the Schedule field cannot exceed 40 characters.

  7. Click Save.

Your changes take effect immediately after you save them. There is no need to restart the PPM Server. You can now configure decision workflow step notifications for mobile access, and PPM users who receive such notifications can now access decision step approval functionality from their PDAs and email inboxes.