Adding Mobility Access to Decision Step Notifications

After you deploy Mobility Access, you can configure the decision steps in your workflows to be acted upon by assigned recipients from their email inboxes and PDAs.

Caution: If you create a validation for a workflow step source, keep in mind that the Mobility Access feature does not support the use of single quote (`) characters in validation names.

To configure a notification with mobile access on a decision workflow step:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Configuration > Workflows.

  2. Open a workflow.

  3. On the Layout tab in the Workflow window, double-click a decision step.

  4. In the Workflow Step window, click the Notifications tab.

  5. Click New.

    The Add Notification for step window opens to the Setup tab.

  6. Select the Enable Decision by Email checkbox.

  7. From the Event list, select Eligible.

    Caution: We recommend that you not specify All, Specific Result, or Specific Error as the triggering event.

    Note: Selecting the Enable Decision by Email checkbox defaults the Interval list value to Immediate, which is the only interval that Mobility Access supports.

  8. In the Recipients section, do one of the following:

    • Click New, and then use the Add New Recipient window to select the notification recipients (users, security groups, or tokens).

    • To specify the users or groups listed on the Security tab for the step as notification recipients, click Copy Security.

    You can only specify PPM users who have permission to act on the workflow step as notification recipients.

    Note: If you have installed and enabled the Mobility Access add-on, the Enable Decision by Email checkbox is available. In this case, you can configure notifications for decision steps to be acted on by PPM users from their email inboxes. For details, see PPM Mobility Access.

  9. Click the Message tab and configure the body of the notification (for details, see Configuring Message Content).

  10. Click OK.

Once an entity using the workflow advances to the workflow step for which you have set up the notification, the specified recipients can act on the step from their email inboxes or PDAs.