Configuring Mobility Access Service Logging

The Mobility Access Service writes to the mobility_access_log.txt file, which is located in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_ServerName>/log directory. If you encounter problems related to Mobility Access, you can use this log file to help you troubleshoot.

Mobility Access Service logging is defined in the logging.conf file, which is located in the <PPM_Home>/conf directory. The file specifies that any error related to Mobility Access Service is to be logged in the mobility_access_log.txt file.

To turn on debugging, open the logging.conf file and change only the first line in the Mobility Access Service Logging configuration to the following:

# Mobility Access logging, MOBILITY_ACCESS_LOG

Caution: To ensure that only valid actions are taken based on email responses, each email approval message contains a system-generated key that PPM uses to validate the response. Any user who responds to a PPM email approval message must include this key in the response.

However, note that Micro Focus does not guarantee non-repudiation for email approvals, and recommends that you check for compliance with internal and other applicable policies for non-repudiation in approval processes within your enterprise before you enable this feature in PPM.

To reduce the risk of accepting approval messages from unauthorized users, make sure that email messages are encrypted both in transit and at rest. To further reduce the risk of exposing the system-generated keys in PPM Center email approval messages, make sure that the user accounts of potential approvers are on an internal enterprise mail server, and that only these email accounts are associated with the corresponding PPM users. These messages must not be forwarded to external mail servers, and any mobile devices used by potential approvers must directly exchange messages with the enterprise mail server using secure channels. These risk mitigation suggestions still cannot guarantee non-repudiation of approvers.