Sending Notifications of Rejected Time to Users

To immediately notify users who are assigned this policy if some of their submitted time (that is, some of the time sheet lines on their time sheets) has been rejected by an approver:

  1. In the Time Sheet Policy window, select the Notifications tab.

  2. In the Notifications tab, click New.

    The Add Notifications window opens, with the following two tabs:

    • Setup tab (displayed by default)

    • Message tab

  3. On the Setup tab, do the following:

    1. In the Event field, select Time Rejection.

    2. In the Description field, enter a description of the notification.

  4. Select and complete the Message tab as follows:

    1. In the Notification Template field, select the notification template.

    2. In the Notification Format field, select the notification format.

      Notifications can be in plain text or HTML.

    3. Click the Choose button to the right of the From field, which specifies the sender of the email notification as seen by its recipients.

      The Email Header Field window opens, with the following options:

      • Enter a Username. Use this option to specify a particular user to receive the notification. The user must have an email address.

      • Enter an Email Address. Use this option to enter an email address for the notification.

      • Enter a Standard Token. Use this option to select from a list of system tokens that correspond to a user, security group, or email address.

      • Enter a User Defined Token. Use this option to enter any field token that corresponds to a user, security group, or email address.

      Select one of these options. The other fields of the Email Header Field window are automatically updated accordingly.

    4. Complete the other fields in the Email Header Field window and click OK.

    5. Repeat step c and step d for the Reply To field, which specifies where user replies will be sent.

    6. Complete the Subject field for the notification.

      The default Subject field is as follows:

      Your time sheet [TMG.TIME_SHEET_DESCRIPTION] was rejected.

      The token [TMG.SHEET_DESCRIPTION] displays the current time sheet description. You can use the default Subject field entry or enter your own subject line to be used in the email notification.

    7. In the Body field, complete the body of the notification that tells users that time they submitted has been rejected, and that rework is required. Use or revise the default entry, or enter your own message.

    8. Click OK.

      The changes are added to the Notifications tab.

  5. Click OK or, to configure other tabs, click Save.

    The changes to the time sheet policy are saved. Users are notified whenever time on their submitted time sheets gets rejected.