Submit reports

This section provides details on how to submit reports.

To submit a report:

  1. Prerequisite: To view or submit reports, you must have the System: Submit Report access grant.

  2. Log on to PPM.

  3. From the menu bar, select Open > Reports > Create Report.

    The Submit New Report page opens.

  4. Do either of the following to select the report to be submitted:

    • In the Recently Submitted Reports section, click the link for the report you want to run.

    • In the Select Report by Category section, select the appropriate category for Report Category and then click the link for the report you want to run.

    You can only select the reports to which you have access. In addition, the list of available reports are further restricted by security settings on the individual report types. For more information about report security, see the Security Model Guide and Reference.

    Once a report is selected, the Submit Report: <Report Name> window opens. This window is sometimes called the "report submission page."

  5. In the Report Parameters section, type or change information in the fields to define the report results.

    The fields in this section vary depending on the report you selected. For details on report fields, see the description in:

    • The relevant topics in this document. For example, to find information about Deployment management reports, see Deployment Management Reports.
    • The applicable Deployment Management Extension document. For example, to find information about report types related to Oracle E-Business Suite, see the Deployment Management Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide.
  6. In the Scheduling and Output Options section, select when to run the report and whether to send a notification when the report is completed.

    • To run the report right away, select Run Report Immediately.
    • To run the report (once) at a later time, select Run Report On, and select a date.
    • To run the report on a periodic basis:

      1. Select Run Report On.
      2. Provide a date when the report is first run.
      3. Select Repeat Every.
      4. Provide the frequency and the date when the report is last run.
    • To send a brief notification:

      1. Select Send email to and select the users to whom the notification is sent.
      2. To include the report in the email, select Include report as email attachment.
  7. To send a notification that has more comprehensive features than those available with Send email to:

    1. Expand the Advanced Notifications section.

    2. Click Add a Notification.

    3. Provide relevant information in the Edit Advanced Notifications window.

    4. Click Add.

  8. Click Submit.

    • For reports that are run immediately:

      1. The Submit Report window opens. The status is refreshed until the report is complete.

        The completed report is displayed in a separate window.

      2. (Optional) To print the completed report, click Print.

        Tip: The print feature is not available for all reports. If a given report does not have a Print button, use your browser's print facility.

    • For reports that are scheduled to run at a later time:

      1. The Schedule Report window opens.

      2. The report results, or its status, can be accessed from the Recently Submitted Reports section of your My Reports page. See View previously submitted report results for details.

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