Creating the Database Schemas

To create the empty database schemas (with tables to be populated during installation):

The PPM Server requires two separate database schemas to store application data. A DBA can create these schemas before installation. Creating database schemas requires privileges that a DBA might not want to grant to a PPM administrator. Either create the database schemas before installation or make sure that a DBA is available during installation.

To create the database schemas and grant the permissions between them:

  1. As the SYS DBA user, run the GrantSysPrivs.sql script, which is located in the <PPM_Extract>/ppm<version>/sys directory.

    This script grants the privileges that the PPM Server requires.

If you created the schemas before installation, select Please use existing schemas when prompted during installation. Supply the same values as those used in this procedure (that is, the values <PPM_Username> and <RML_Username>).