Verify PPM installation

To verify your PPM installation:

  1. Check the logs produced during installation. (Located in the <PPM_Home>/install_940/logs directory)

  2. Start the PPM Server.

  3. Log on to PPM.

    Note: All PPM clients use the same base URL, which is the Web location (top directory name) of the PPM Server. To obtain the URL, open the server.conf file, which is located in the <PPM_Home> directory. The URL is the value specified for the BASE_URL parameter.

  4. Start the PPM Workbench.

  5. Run a report. (For instructions, see Run server reports from the Admin Tools window.)

  6. Create a request and test the graphical view of the request. (For instructions, see the Demand Management User Guide.)

  7. Add a portlet to a PPM Dashboard page and export the page in PDF format. (For instructions, see Use PPM Dashboard.)

    Note: Before you can export a page in PDF format, you must enable that functionality. For information, see Enable Export to PDF.)

  8. Create a project and a work plan. (For instructions, see the Project Management User Guide.)

  9. Create a staffing profile. (For instructions, see the Resource Management User Guide.)

  10. Create a time sheet. (For instructions, see the Time Management User Guide.)