Enabling Dynamic Compression On an External Web Server

Wide area networks (WANs) often have both low bandwidth and high latency (delays in network data processing), which significantly degrade network performance. Users who access applications over a WAN experience poorer response times than users who access the same applications through a local area network (LAN).

PPM leverages application content compression to minimize the performance overhead imposed by operating in a WAN environment. Rather than compress content within the application code, PPM uses the compression capabilities of both the Tomcat Web container and the compression capabilities in third-party Web servers (Microsoft Internet Information Services, Apache-based Web server, or Sun Java System Web Server).

If you deploy PPM without an external Web server, the application content is compressed by default, and no additional configuration is required. If, however, you deploy an external Web server as the Web tier, then you must enable compression for that Web server. Otherwise, application content is delivered uncompressed, which results in poor response times for users over the WAN.