Request Detail Page, Approval Details

The Approval Details window for a request displays a detailed view of approved active and completed workflow steps.

To view the approval details for a request:

  1. From the standard interface, open a request.

    Note: For information about how to open requests, see Open a request.

  2. On the detail page, from the Jump To navigation panel, click Status.

  3. At the bottom of the Status section, click Approval Details.

    The Approval Details window opens.

The Approvers columns list the names of the security groups whose members can act on the workflow step (or, if a workflow is completed, the security groups whose members have acted on the step). The Approval Details window also displays any conditions required to complete a workflow step (for example, All Users Must Decide).

Depending on how the workflow step is configured, the Approvers column lists the name of the security group, or the names of individual users. To display the names of the users who belong to a listed security group, click the security group name.

A workflow decision step can have many different results. The Decision Results column displays the actual result of the workflow step. The Decision Date column displays the calendar date on which the decision result occurred (after all required approvers and decision makers submitted their input).