Request Detail Page, Status Section

The Status section of a request detail page lists the workflow steps associated with a request in hierarchical order (see Figure 3-9). If a workflow step has been acted on, the status of the workflow step and who completed the step are also listed. The active workflow step is highlighted.

Figure 3-9. Hierarchy of active workflow steps in the Status table

Some workflows include subworkflows. Subworkflow steps are displayed sequentially with the other workflow steps. Subworkflow steps are numbered with additional decimal places, corresponding to the workflow level (for example, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3).

In addition to the list of workflow steps, the Status section (Figure 3-10) includes the following links:

  • Graphical View displays the workflow associated with the request.

  • Approval Details displays a detailed view of approved and completed workflow steps.

  • Transaction Details displays detailed information of each completed workflow step transaction.

Figure 3-10. Request detail page, Status section