Request Detail Page, Top Section

The top of the detail page for a request displays the request number, the request type, and the available actions. The top section is visible after a request is created and submitted. The title of the request detail page is <Request Type> <Request Number> - <Request Description>.

From the top section of the detail page, you can:

  • Perform an available action

  • Print the request details

  • Save the request

  • Make a copy of the request

  • Delete the request

  • Expand or collapse all sections on the page

  • Jump to the Status section

Note: The number of workflow steps displayed on the toolbar depends on your screen resolution. To see more workflow steps, you can:

  • From the Control Panel, select a higher screen resolution

  • Maximize your browser

  • Press ctrl and - to zoom out your browser

If you have the permissions required to act on the request at the current workflow step, the toolbar lists the actions you can take. Some actions, such as Accept and Reject, move the request to another step in the workflow. If you select an action such as Assign Resource or Delegate Decision, a workflow action page opens to present additional choices. Some actions change optional fields to required.

If the action you are taking on a request requires that you provide more information, a request "look-ahead" page opens. To complete the action, provide information in the required fields, which are marked with a red asterisk. (If you cannot provide all of the information immediately, click Save on the look-ahead page to save the information you have provided.)

Reference relationships let you place a request on hold until another request is completed. In these reference relationships, the available actions contains the Override button. To allow the request to proceed through the workflow, you click Override. When a relationship is overridden, the change is reflected in the References section.

When you scroll the page down, the Back to Top button will appear to the left of the Save button. Clicking this button will bring you to the very top of the page.