Add and edit costs

The financial summary of an entity captures how much the entity plans to spend and actually spent during its whole period until its completion. This section describes how to add and edit costs in a financial summary.

Manually-added cost and roll-up cost

Cost lines in a financial summary are either manually added (manually-added cost) or automatically created by the system (roll-up cost).

Cost Where the cost comes from Editable?
Manually-added cost

Cost lines that you manually add in the financial summary.


If a manually-added cost line includes forecast cost only, you are allowed to edit and delete the cost line.

If a manually-added cost line includes actual cost, you can edit the cost line but cannot delete the cost line.

If you are not allowed to edit costs of the past months, you cannot edit manually-added cost or roll-up cost of the past months. For details, see Lock forecast and actual costs of past months.

Roll-up cost

Cost lines that are automatically created by the system. The costs is calculated based on the data in staffing profiles, work plans, and time sheets.

Roll-up costs is available only when the financial summary enables calculating cost from the parent entity's staffing profile, work plan, and time sheets. For details, see Configure financial summary settings.

For program financial summaries, roll-up cost lines come from the financial summaries of the program's contents.

Your are not allowed to edit or delete roll-up cost lines.

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Add costs

To manually add cost lines in a financial summary:

  1. Open the financial summary.
  2. In the Cost Details section, click Add Costs if no cost lines exists in the financial summary yet, or click Edit Costs if there are already existing cost lines in the financial summary.

  3. In the Edit Costs page, in the Fiscal Year field, select in which year you want to add costs.

    The available options in the Fiscal Year field is set by your administrator. For details, see Configure range of fiscal years.

  4. Use the Add Cost Line, Copy from Previous Year, or Copy from Another Request button to add costs.

    See Add cost line, Copy from previous year, and Copy from another request.

Note: If you edit costs in legacy UI, before PPM 9.62, you can edit the costs both in local currency and base currency. Starting from 9.62, if your administrator has turned off the Allowing Users to Edit Costs and Benefits in Base Currency feature toggle, you can only edit the costs in local currency.

Add cost line

Use the Add Cost Line button to add costs.

  1. Click Add Cost Line.
  2. Fill in the following fields to specify the cost properties.

    Field Description
    • Labor: select this if the cost line is used to record labor cost.
    • Non-Labor: select this if the cost line is used to record non-labor cost.
    • Contractor or Employee, if Type is set to Labor

    • Hardware, Software, or Training, if Type is set to Non-Labor

    Note: Your administrator can customize the values of the Category field by changing the "CST - Budget Labor Category" and "CST - Budget Non-Labor Category" validations in the PPM Workbench.

    An administrator can add new fields for this page by using the following tokens in the PPM Workbench:



    With the tokens, an administrator can access financial summary ID to create queries to get any values associated with financial summary, such as budget.

    Expense Type

    Operating or Capital.

    This field appears only if cost capitalization is enabled. For details, see Enable cost capitalization.

    User data User data fields for cost lines are available only when your administrator added user data fields by using the user data type "Forecast Line User Data".
  3. Click Add to add the cost line or Add Another to add another cost line.
  4. The cost line is highlighted in the Edit Costs page. Enter forecast and actual cost in the cost line.

    • You can enter both positive and negative amounts.
    • If you enter costs in the Quarters view, cost for a quarter is automatically apportioned equally among the months in that quarter.

      If you enter costs in the Years view, cost for a year is automatically apportioned equally among the months in that year and thereby equally among the quarters as well.

    • You can use keyboard shortcut to copy and paste cost values. For details, see Shortcuts when editing costs.

  5. Click Save or Done to save the cost.

Copy from previous year

Click the Copy from Previous Year button if you want to copy only forecast cost of the year before the one you are viewing.

If there are existing forecast cost in the current year, it is overwritten by the forecast cost of the previous year.

Actual cost of the previous year is not copied. If there are existing actual cost in the current fiscal year, it is not overwritten.

Copy from another request

Click the Copy from Another Request button if you want to insert cost lines of the financial summary of a selected proposal, project, or asset request in the current financial summary. This action does not change the existing cost in the current financial summary.

Only forecast costs is copied over. Roll-up cost lines in the selected request's financial summary are not copied to the current financial summary.

If the two financial summaries use different currencies, you can copy the cost lines but not any of their cost data. If both financial summaries use the same currency, an option appears that enables you to copy the forecast cost data in the cost lines as well as the lines themselves.

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Edit or remove costs

For the editable cost lines, you can change the cost properties (such as type, category, expense type), change the cost values, and delete the whole cost lines.

For details about editable cost lines, see Manually-added cost and roll-up cost.

To edit a cost line:

  1. In the Cost Details section, click Edit Costs.
  2. Editable cost lines have and an edit icon in the front of the line. Locate the cost line you want to edit.

    Action How to
    Edit cost values

    Update the numbers in the forecast and actual cost cells.


    Copy from Excel
    1. Copy numbers from an Excel spreadsheets.
    2. Select the target cost cells.
    3. Use Ctrl +V to paste the numbers.

    This action only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.

    Edit cost properties Click the edit icon to open the Edit a Cost Line window and update the properties.
    Delete a cost line

    Cost lines that can be deleted have a delete icon () in the front of the line.

    To delete a cost line, click the delete icon .

  3. Click Save or Done in the Edit Costs page to save your changes.

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Shortcuts when editing costs

You can use the following shortcuts when editing costs.

Shortcut Description

Go to the next cell.

This shortcut only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

Copy a selected cell or block to another selected cell or block.

This shortcut only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.


To select multiple non-consecutive lines, press Ctrl and select the lines.

This shortcut only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.


To select multiple consecutive lines, press Shift ans select the first line and the last line.

This shortcut only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.

Shift + click

In the Forecast Only view, to copy data in a cell to an adjacent range of cells in the same row, click the cell with the data to copy, and then press Shift + click with the cursor at the other end of the range.

This short cut only works in the old UI of the Edit Costs page.

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