Exporting to Microsoft Excel

You can export an entire financial summary to Excel, and export cost details of a specific fiscal year to Excel.

Export entire financial summary to Excel

Click More > Export to Excel in the upper-right corner of a financial summary to export the entire financial summary to an Excel spreadsheet, except for the Totals by Year section and notes.

Regardless of the View options selected in the financial summary, the spreadsheet captures the following data, to the same extent you are allowed to view the data:

  • Forecast and actual data, presented by month.

  • Detail rows, aggregated by cost and benefit category.

  • Non-zero data over all the years in the database for the tables in the Cost Details and Benefits Details sections. The data captured and displayed in the spreadsheet is not limited to the data that can be displayed in the financial summary based on the range of displayable years configured by the administrator. Exporting the financial summary to Microsoft Excel is a convenient way to view all the data for any number of years.

  • All cost line user data and benefit line user data, not limited as in the financial summary to a maximum of five columns.

All financial data in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet uses the currency selected on the financial summary.

You can also export a financial summary snapshot to Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet is the same as for exporting a financial summary to Microsoft Excel.

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Export cost details to Excel

Available in versions: 9.55 and later

This feature is only available in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.

To export cost details of a specific fiscal year:

  1. Open the Edit Costs page, and select the target fiscal year.
  2. In the cost details table, right-click in any cell, hover over Excel Export, and click one of the following:

    • Displayed columns and displayed rows: this option is a what-you-see-is what-you-get export. It exports what you see are displayed in the table to Excel. For example, hidden columns are not exported; rows that do not meet the filtering criteria are not exported.
    • Displayed columns and selected rows: this option exports displayed column and selected rows to Excel.
    • All columns and all rows: this option exports all the data of the data to Excel, including hidden columns and rows that do not meet the filtering criteria.

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