Creating a Staffing Profile

To create a staffing profile:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Select Create > Staffing Profile from the menu bar. The Create a Blank Staffing Profile page opens.

  3. Provide data for all required fields (Name,Start Period,End Period,Region, and This is a __ Staffing Profile) and any optional fields.

    Field Name



    The name of the staffing profile.


    A description of the staffing profile.


    The user responsible for the staffing profile

    Start Period

    The starting period (a fiscal month) for the staffing profile.

    End Period

    The ending period (a fiscal month) for the staffing profile.


    The status of the staffing profile.

    • In Planning. The staffing profile is being developed.

    • Active. The staffing profile is available to run.

    • Complete. The staffing profile has completed execution.

    • Cancelled. The staffing profile has been cancelled.

    • Lock Down. The staffing profile has been locked and is read-only (cannot be updated).


    The geographic region in which the staffing profile is used; determines holiday schedule.

    Work Load Category

    The category of work being tracked by the staffing profile.

    This staffing profile should show as work load

    If selected, the Full Time Equivalents set in the staffing profile will be counted as actual work assignments in the Resource Management Analyze Assignment Load capacity visualization.

    Copy positions from existing staffing profile

    Copies the positions from the staffing profile selected using the auto-complete.

    This is a __ Staffing Profile

    Defines whether the staffing profile is freestanding, or is associated with an asset, org unit, or proposal.

    To create a staffing profile for a project, you should go to the Project Overview page. For details, see Creating a Staffing Profile for a Project.

    Default Resource Pool

    When adding a line to the staffing profile, the Resource Pool field will be automatically defaulted with this value.

    At this point, you should decide the following:

    • Whether lines in the staffing profile count as workload

    • Whether to copy positions from an existing staffing profile, and if so, which one

    • Whether the staffing profile is linked to an organization unit, asset, project, or proposal

    • Whether the staffing profile will request resources from a particular resource pool by default, and if so, which one

  4. Click Create.

    The Staffing Profile page (the New UI) opens.

    Note: Clicking Legacy UI, you can switch to the Legacy UI of the Staffing Profile page.

  5. Create a blank position list or copy positions from an existing staffing profile.

    • Clicking Start in the Create a Blank Position List option, you create a staffing profile with no positions.
    • Clicking Select the Staffing Profile in the Copy Positions from an Existing Staffing Profile option, you open the Import Positions dialog box. Using this dialog box, you can create a staffing profile with positions imported from other staffing profiles. For details of importing positions, see Import positions into a staffing profile.