Creating a Staffing Profile for a Project

To create a staffing profile for a project:

  1. Log on to PPM.
  2. From the menu bar, select Search > Projects.
  3. Click Search after providing the search criteria, and open the project you want.
  4. In the Staffing portlet of the Project Overview page, click Create a Blank Staffing Profile.

    The Create a Blank Staffing Profile page opens.

  5. Provide or edit the values in the required or optional fields.
  6. (Optionally)From the Copy positions from existing staffing profile auto-complete list, select an existing staffing profile, if you want to create a staffing profile with positions copied from another staffing profile.
  7. Click Create.

    The newly create staffing profile is displayed under Staffing tab of the Project Overview page.

    Note: Clicking Legacy UI, you leave the Project Overview page, and go to the Legacy UI of the Staffing Profile page.

  8. If you skip step 6, do one of the following in the Allocations section:

    • Clicking Start in the Create a Blank Position List option, you create a staffing profile with no position.
    • Clicking Select the Staffing Profile in the Copy Positions from an Existing Staffing Profile option, you open the Import Positions dialog box. Using this dialog box, you can create a staffing profile with positions imported from other staffing profiles. For details of importing positions, see Import positions into a staffing profile.

Note: You can view and edit the staffing profile information in the Staffing tab as you do in the Staffing Profile page. The actions listed in the More menus of the Staffing Profile page are not supported in the Staffing tab of the Project Overview page.