Approving or Rejecting Time from the Project Overview Page

In the Project Overview page, a project manager can view a list of the submitted time sheets that have at least one task in that project that the project manager is authorized to approve.

To use the Project Overview page to approve or reject time logged against a particular project:

  1. From the menu bar, select Open > Project Management > Projects & Tasks > Search Projects.

  2. Select and open the project of interest. The Project Overview page opens to the Project Summary tab.

  3. If present, the Time Approval section at the bottom of the Project Summary tab lists for your approval the time sheets that have time submitted for the project.

    For each resource, time is expressed in units of hours or days based on that user's time sheet policy for entering time.

    Note: To view cost data in the Approvable Line Costs column, you must have the View Project, Program, and Time Sheet Cost Data access grant. This cost data is the total cost that you can approve for all the tasks in the project that have time submitted on that time sheet.

    Total Time on a time sheet can be more than Time to Approve if you are not an approver for some of the lines on the time sheet.

  4. If you want to approve or reject all the submitted time in one or more time sheets, do the following.

    1. Select check boxes for the time sheets of interest (or select Check all).

    2. Click Approve or Reject.

      The Project Overview page is refreshed. The status of the time sheet lines in the time sheets you approve or reject becomes Approved or Rejected accordingly.

  5. If you want to approve or reject particular time sheet lines, do the following.

    1. Open the time sheet by clicking its link in the Time Period - Time Sheet - # column in the Project Time section.

      Note: On the time sheet, you might view for your approval some time sheet lines for request, package, or miscellaneous work item types in addition to time sheet lines for projects or tasks.

    2. Select the desired check boxes for particular time sheet lines in the time sheet.

      If items are grouped, their group names (headings) also have check boxes, and selecting the check box for a group name selects all of its subordinate work items.

    3. Click Approve or Reject.

      The status of the time sheet lines you approve or reject becomes Approved or Rejected accordingly.

      If all the time sheet lines on a time sheet (including those that have other approvers) have now become Approved, the time sheet status becomes Approved.