Approving or Rejecting Time

As described in the following sections, you can approve or reject time, using the following interfaces:

All of these interfaces behave as follows:

  • You initially view a list of the time sheets that have at least one line you are authorized to approve.

  • If you approve (or reject) a time sheet in the list without opening it, you are actually approving (or rejecting) only the particular time sheet lines that you are authorized to approve.

  • If you open a time sheet in the list, the following occur:

    • You can approve or reject only the particular lines you are authorized to approve, and those lines move to Approved or Rejected status accordingly.

    • Lines you are not authorized to approve are shown, but you have no way to approve or reject them or otherwise change their statuses. They are to be reviewed by other approvers.

  • Note: If you reject time that a resource submitted for a project, a task, or a request, those actuals in the work plan or request are automatically reduced by the amount of time you rejected. The time sheet continues to reflect all the time the user has entered, including rejected time.