HTML+ portlets

Follow the on-screen instructions about how to set up display options for HTML+ portlets.

Note: You are only allowed to create or edit HTML+ portlet definition in the PPM Server that is running in Development mode. If you want to use HTML+ portlets in a Production-mode Server.

  1. Create or edit HTML+ portlet definition on a Server running in Development mode, and export it using
  2. Import the portlet definition on the Server using

For details about Development mode, see Enabling Development Mode for PPM Server.

When editing the code for the HTML+ portlets definition, use the following options to facilitate the editing:

  • Press F11 to enter the full screen view.

  • Click the Quicksave button or press Ctrl and S to save the changes at any place on the page. Therefore, you can test your HTML+ portlet and go back right to the place where you left and continue editing.

Follow the steps in the HTML+ Portlet Turtorial to create your HTML+ portlets.