KPI Data Retrieved from ALM

All KPI data retrieved from ALM are stored in the PPM_INT_QUALITY_STATISTICS table.

The table below describes three types of KPI data that are retrieved from ALM as well as the REST APIs that are used to retrieve KPI data.

KPI Data Description REST APIs used to retrieve KPI data
# of Total Requirements Total number of requirements within a specific release http://<URL>:<Port>/qcbin/rest/domains/
req-reviewed& query={type- #
of Covered id[<>1];[<Release_ID>]}
# of Covered Requirements Number of the requirements within a specific release, excluding status "Not Covered" or "N/A"
# of Reviewed Requirements Number of requirements with status “Reviewed” within a specific release
# of Passed Requirements Number of requirements with status of Passed  


# of Total Defects Total number of defects of release level http://<URL>:<Port>/qcbin/rest/domains/<Domain>/projects/<Project>/defects/groups/severity,
# of Priority Defects Number of defects with priority level at “4-Very High” or “5-Urgent”
# of Closed Defects Number of defects with status of Closed