Introduction to Integrating PPM Tasks with ALM Releases

The integration between PPM tasks and ALM Releases is an extension of the capability of the View Project Quality integration solution (integration between PPM projects and ALM releases). The integration extension enables project managers to manage multiple ALM releases with one PPM project by integrating project tasks with ALM releases.

The integration of PPM tasks with the Releases module of the ALM allows project management officers, project managers, development managers, and QA managers to have visibility into quality KPIs and ALM scorecards of multiple ALM releases from PPM Center projects by integrating PPM tasks with ALM releases, and allows them to optimize the management of project quality by:

  • Introducing and enforcing consistent workflows for all major application delivery processes.
  • Initiating and managing both application and testing projects and ALM releases.

The integration allows project managers to link a task under a project to a specific release managed in ALM. Each PPM Center task is associated with a single release in ALM throughout the task life cycle. This is a one-way one-to-one mapping relationship. This association begins when a project manager maps one task to a specific ALM release.

After the mapping relationship is established, the project managers are able to view quality KPIs and ALM scorecard report for a release retrieved from ALM. In addition, project managers can also view the overall release hierarchy information of a specific work package from within PPM Center.