Introducing PPM

Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) helps organizations to track business demands and ideas, make better decisions to invest on right portfolio of projects that are aligned with strategic priorities, and collectively manage projects making sure they are delivered on time and within budget.

Why Use PPM?

PPM helps address the challenges for different roles.

Role Challenges


Portfolio Manager

  • Define business objectives in accordance with customer values.
  • Make decisions on what to invest to carry out the business objectives.
  • Assess and communicate portfolio status.

Program Manager


  • Govern the performance of grouped projects.
  • Ensure consistent processes across projects.
Project Manager
  • Plan, execute, and complete projects.
  • Address issues, risks, and changes.
Resource Manager
  • Manage resources availability and capacity.

  • Do resource planning for projects.
  • Assign resources to projects.
Financial Manager
  • Allocate budget to projects.
  • Track forecast and actual costs of projects.
System Administrator
  • Customize and configure the system to align with the organization policy.
  • Manage system users.
Team Members
  • Submit requests.
  • Report time on assigned tasks.

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PPM Process Overview

The flow demonstrates the PPM overall process from planning to execution.

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New to PPM?

Your actions in PPM are done in either PPM Web pages or PPM Workbench. The Getting Started guide introduces the components of PPM Web pages and PPM Workbench, and gives you instructions of some basic actions.

To view the document, click Getting Started.

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