This command generates report in JSP template. The report file is generated in the folder that is specified by the server parameter REPORT_DIR.


ksc_run_jsp_report  <JSP PATH>

The report's JSP must be passed as a request parameter. For example:


ksc_run_jsp_report parameters

Note: All the other parameters inside the body will be post to JSP as post data.

Parameter Default token Description
REPORT_ID (required) [RP.REPORT_SUBMISSION_ID] Report submission ID.
USER_ID   The ID of the user who executes the report. The default value is the report’s submitter.
OUT_BASEFILE   The report file name. The default value is rep_<report submisstion id>.html

Example using ksc_run_jsp_report

ksc_run_jsp_report /web/knta/crt/rpt/RequestHistoryReport.jsp REPORT_ID=[RP.REPORT_SUBMISSION_ID] USER_ID=[RP.CREATED_BY] OUT_BASEFILE=[RP.FILENAME] ksc_end_report_parameters