Viewing and Cancelling Running Reports

To access the View Running Reports page, you must have the Administrator License and the Sys Admin: Server Tools: Execute Admin Tools access grant.

To view, and optionally cancel, a running report:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Report Execution > View Running Reports.

    The View Running Reports page opens.

    The Report Details section lists and provides summary information about reports currently running and reports scheduled to run.

    The following table lists the fields displayed on the View Running Reports page.

    Field Name


    Summary section

    Currently Running

    Provides the number of reports currently running.

    Waiting to Run

    Number of submitted reports waiting to run.

    These are not the reports that are scheduled to run. Rather, they are not running because of current load on the system and will run as soon as the current report runs are completed.

    Report Details section

    Report #

    Report ID.

    Report Type

    Report name.

    Launched By

    Full name of the user who submitted the report.

    Launched Time

    Time at which the report was submitted.


    Indicates whether the report is running (Yes) or waiting (No).


    Name of the PPM Server running the report.

    Session ID

    Oracle database session ID for the session that the report uses to query data.

    Process ID

    Oracle database process ID for the process that the report uses.


    Cancels a report that is currently running or waiting to be run.

    You can cancel only the reports listed in Reports That Can Be Cancelled.

  3. To cancel a report, click Cancel in the row for the report.

    After you cancel the report submission, the page refreshes and no longer lists the report.

Note: Reports that do not use the ksc_run_jsp_report special command are subject to some limitations and cannot be cancelled from the View Running Reports page. The following section, Reports That Can Be Cancelled, lists the reports you can cancel from the View Running Reports page.