Field Window General Information

View or modify the general information fields using the information described in Table 8-2. Field window general information field descriptions.

Table 8-2. Field window general information field descriptions

Field Name


Field Prompt

Specify the prompt that is visible in Submit Report: <Report Name> window.

Type any alphanumeric string .


Specify the unique token that identifies this field.

Type any string . Only uppercase letters, numbers, and underscore are permitted.


Specify a brief description of the field.

Type any alphanumeric string .


Option to make the field available for use.


Select the logic used to validate the user input from the validations available on your PPM instance.

Click New to create a new validation or click Open to review the validation you selected.

Component Type

Select the visual characteristics of the field, such as a drop-down list or free-form text field. Choices are limited to characteristics (defined in the corresponding validation) available on your PPM instance.


Option to allow users to select more than one entry for the field.

This option is only valid for fields using the auto-complete component.