Supported Upgrade Paths

To upgrade to PPM version 9.60, you must have PPM version 9.50 (with or without service packs) installed. If an earlier version is installed, you must first upgrade to version 9.50, and then upgrade to PPM version 9.60.

For information on how to upgrade to version 9.50, see the Upgrade Guide for version 9.50.

Note: We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of PPM Center. In general, each new PPM version includes important product improvements that are not provided in earlier versions.

The following table describes supported upgrade paths in more details. Versions in parenthesis can be skipped. For example, if you want to upgrade PPM to 9.60 from 9.40, you should first upgrade to 9.50, with or without upgrading to 9.5x, and then upgrade to 9.60.

Current PPM Center Version

Can be Upgraded to
9.40 (9.41~9.42) > 9.50 > >(9.5x) > 9.60
9.41 (9.42) > 9.50 > >(9.5x) > 9.60
9.42 9.50 >(9.5x) > 9.60
9.5x (9.51-9.55) > 9.60