Key Considerations

To prepare to install PPM, review the issues described in this section. This section addresses several decisions you must make before you begin to upgrade your PPM products.

Performance Impact on Portlets with Customized SQL-Based Queries

Upgrading PPM can result in decreased performance for some portlets that have complex customized SQL-based queries. If data are loaded quickly into such portlets on your current instance, upgrading PPM may still degrade performance, even with the same database.

You can try to improve the performance of customized portlets post-upgrade by tuning the underlying SQL queries. Bear in mind that Micro Focus does not support customized SQLs in portlets and you are responsible for maintaining any such portlets you have created.

Running on a Single Database Schema (Object Migrator)

Before you upgrade to PPM version 9.60, it is important that you work with your database administration team to determine the appropriate backup and recovery strategy for your instance. We recommend that you shut down the database and perform a cold backup of your database and a full file system backup to back up your PPM instance and its configuration files. Your organization may require a different strategy.

If the Object Migrator is installed and running on the same schema as PPM, it is especially important that you perform a cold backup before you begin the upgrade. If you encounter problems during the upgrade, you can revert to the cold backup to preserve your Object Migrator installation.

Running in Graphic (Swing) or Console Mode (UNIX)

On Windows® platforms, you can only upgrade the PPM Server in graphic (or swing) mode. On UNIX® platforms, you can either upgrade the PPM Server in graphic mode or in console mode (from the command line).

Note: In this guide, "UNIX" is used to refer to all supported UNIX-based operating systems. For a list of these, see the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix.

In some cases, you can only perform a console upgrade. If you choose to upgrade in graphic mode, and you are accessing the target machine remotely, you may require additional software or configuration. For example, if you access a UNIX system from a Windows system, you must have software that enables the UNIX application to redirect the display to Windows.

Changing the PPM Center System Language

During the upgrade to PPM version 9.60, you have the option of changing your PPM system language. Keep in mind that, after the upgrade is completed, all PPM boilerplate 9.60 content, and all of the custom data defined in the PPM 9.30 user space are set to the system language you select at upgrade. For more information, see the Multilingual User Interface Guide.