Recommended Upgrade Process

We recommend that you follow the process as below to upgrade PPM.

  1. Back up all the hotfixes you applied to your PPM environment, and check if they are included in the new version.

    1. You can use the PPM tool kSuperSupport to get the list of hotfixes installed.
    2. Check the release notes of the new version to see if the corresponding defect fixes are included.
    3. If there are hotfixes not included in the new version, or you have doubts, contact PPM support to confirm the compatibility.
  2. If you have customized files, including css, jsp, html, and js, back them up and check if these files are compatible with the new version.
  3. Clone an instance from your production environment, including the production environment database and file system.
  4. Upgrade the cloned instance.
  5. Apply all the customizations.
  6. If there are hotfixes not included in the new version and support has provided compatible hotfixes, apply them on the upgraded instance.
  7. Perform tests on the upgraded instance.
  8. When upgrade on the cloned instance is successful, perform upgrade on the production instance.