Editing shortcuts

This topic introduces the shortcuts when performing edit in some of the PPM areas.

Where to use shortcuts

You can use the shortcuts when editing:

  • The allocation in a team's Allocation tab.

  • The resource's assignment in a team's Utilization tab.

  • The cost and benefit lines in a portfolio's Financials tab.

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Editing shortcuts

The following table describes the editing shortcuts available in PPM.

Shortcut Details

Arrow keys to move cursor

Press the Arrow keys to move your cursor to the right, left, previous line and next line.
Enter and Esc keys to enter and exist Edit mode
  1. Place your cursor on a cell.

  2. Press the Enter key to enter the Edit mode and make the changes.

  3. Press the Enter key to save the changes.

    Press the Esc key to discard the changes.

Shift + click to copy a cell value to the same line
  1. Click the cell whose value is to be copied.

  2. Press the Shift key and at the same time click another cell on the same line.

    The cells in between are filled with the copied value.

Ctrl + D to copy a range down
  1. Select more than one line.

  2. Press the Ctrl and D keys at the same time.

    The values in the first line are copied to all the other lines down.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy cell values
  1. Select one or more cells whose values are to be copied.

    Note: If you are editing the cost or benefit lines in a portfolio's Financials tab, you must select at least two cells to copy the values.

  2. Press Ctrl and C.

  3. Select the cells that you want to copy the values to.

  4. Press Ctrl and D.

Delete values in multiple cells
  1. Select one or more cells whose values are to be deleted.

  2. Press Delete.

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